Kenet Family Law handles all issues arising from breakdown of relationships including parenting, child support, spousal support and property division (equalization). Kenet Family Law also negotiates marriage contracts.

Annie Kenet represents clients from diverse situations. In addition to cases involving the “usual” family law issues, Annie has significant experience in cases involving distinct challenges such as addiction, children with special needs, spouses with personality disorders, and other life circumstances that have an impact on every decision you make.

Annie realizes that in order to find the strategies and options that are best of you, she needs to understand your family dynamic, and she needs to understand your objectives. Annie also realizes that some cases require ongoing vigorous advocacy while other cases require minimal involvement from lawyers.

Annie will provide you with high quality, tailored legal services that best suit your goals and your family’s needs.

Please note that nothing on this website is intended to provide legal services and at all times we urge you to speak with a family lawyer at our firm to obtain legal advice.

Annie started her family law career under the expertise of Julie Hannaford. She continued her career under the mentorship of Cheryl Goldhart. While spending more than a decade with Goldhart & Associates, Annie developed her own practice before opening her own Toronto family law firm in January 2019. Her guiding principle is providing individualized, high quality legal services to her clients.

In keeping with her belief that there is no “one size fits all” solution in family law, Annie is as comfortable amicably negotiating a resolution as she is aggressively advocating in court. Her versatility makes her skilled in all levels of advocacy including negotiation, mediation, litigation and collaborative practice.

In addition to her experience with legal cases, Annie is passionately involved in the family law community. She currently serves as Outreach Officer of the Canadian Bar Association, Family Law Section and she has previously served in various capacities (including as Chair) of the Ontario Bar Association, Family Law Section. Annie has chaired numerous continuing legal education programs including the OBA’s Family Law Institute. In addition to chairing programs, Annie often lectures to lawyers, law clerks and students about various family law issues. Annie has been a contributing writer for Lexis Practice Advisor and is always eager to get involved in family law initiatives that will improve access to justice.

Allison has been with Annie since graduating from the Law Clerk Program at Fleming College in 2010. Allison is dedicated to assisting clients by streamlining the legal process and keeping costs down whenever possible.

Allison enjoys speaking with clients and getting to know who they are. Allison is known for her calm demeanor and her understanding.
Family Law has commonly used words (legal and other). The following is a quick definition of commonly used words in family law to assist you in navigating through the process. These are intended as quick references only and should not be construed as legal advice.

AUTHORIZATION AND DIRECTION: A form signed by a client permitting a third party to speak with someone or send documents to someone.
ARBITRATOR: A neutral third party retained by the parties to conduct an arbitration.
ARBITRATION: A dispute resolution process entered into voluntarily by the parties as an alternative to court.
AWARD: A decision rendered by an arbitrator.
CHARTERED BUSINESS VALUATOR: Financials professionals retained for the purposes of assisting in giving a value for someone income and/or business.
CHILD SUPPORT: A payment from one parent to the other parent for the benefit of a child.
COHABITATION AGREEMENT: An agreement entered into by two people who are about to live together or who are already living together to address issues such as property and spousal support if the relationship breakdown.
FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Information about a person’s financial circumstances on particular dates and/or for a particular time period.
FINANCIAL STATEMENT: A standard form setting out someone’s financial position on particular dates and/or for a particular time period.
ENDORSEMENT: A decision and/or comments and/or reasons written by a judge after an appearance in court.
EQUALIZATION: The payment made from one party to the other party to equalize the parties’ respective net family properties.
FILED: Means a document has been filed with the court.
FRO: The Family Responsibility Office.
MARRIAGE CONTRACT: An agreement entered into by two people who are are planning to marry or who are already married to address issues such as property and spousal support if the relationship breakdown.
MEDIATOR: A neutral third party retained by the parties to conduct a mediation.
MEDIATION: An alternative dispute resolution process entered into by the parties in an attempt to resolve their disputes.
MINUTES OF SETTLEMENT: A document signed by both parties to indicate that they have come to an agreement.
NET FAMILY PROPERTY: Your net worth for the purposes of calculating the equalization payment.
ORDER: An endorsement that has been issued and entered by the court.
PARENTING AGREEMENT: An agreement setting out the parenting terms agreed to by the parties.
PARENTING COORDINATOR: Professionals who assist parents in implementing issues arising from a parenting plan.
PARTY: A term used to refer to a client or their spouse.
SERVED: When a document has been delivered to the other party in a formal manner according to the family law rules.
SELF-REP: A party who is not represented by a lawyer.
SEPARATION AGREEMENT: An agreement finalizing issues arising from the breakdown of the relationship usually addressing issues such as child support spousal support and equalization (property division).
SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Support paid from one spouse to another for contractual needs based or compensatory reasons.
TRAVEL CONSENT: A letter authorizing one party to travel with the children.
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